Here at Chapel Hill Detox, our years of dedication and experience to finding the best roadmap toward your full recovery has placed us where we are today. We’re respected, we’re trusted, and we’re happy to help you take that first, bold step towards recovery; towards becoming a better you.

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We’ll help you get started, and we’ll help you stay started.

If you have questions about addiction, give us a call. We offer a 24/7 helpline and its 100% anonymous. You don’t even have to give us your name. If you need advice, we can help. If you need real treatment options, we can help. In many cases, medical insurance will cover the cost of treatment with us.

Chapel Hill Medical Detox is a Joint Commission certified facility. That means we’ve met the Gold Standard when it comes to client care. Our clients agree:

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Chapel Hill - Reach Out For Help

Taking the first step can be hard, but you don’t have to do it alone. Reach out today for a confidential conversation

What Sets Us Apart?

Relaxed Private Setting

Triple Board Certified Physicians

Daily 5 Star Catering

Family Therapy

Detox and Residential Treatment

Compassionate Staff


Relaxed Private Setting

Chapel Hill offers a very intimate personalized treatment experience. Hosting a maximum of 14 residents at a time allows us to dedicate more to what matters: Client Care and Success.

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Triple Board Certified Physicians

Our Physicians and Physician Assistants are second to none, boasting a combined 30+ years experience in the field. Our residents’ physical and mental comfort are very important to us. Our medication protocols are specifically designed to ensure that no patient experiences discomfort.

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Daily 5 Star Catering

Good food is very important, which is why we offer the best. Residents will have around the clock access to the cafeteria, as well as quality gourmet meals 3 times a day.

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Family Therapy

Family Therapy is an important part of our daily personalized therapy programs. Healthy Family involvement and support has been proven to lead to long term success.

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Detox and Residential Treatment

The first step for our residents is to become physically comfortable. We have numerous medical protocols in order to achieve that comfort. The Residential Program enables our residents to receive the appropriate medical care while also beginning the process of living a life without drinking and/or using.

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Compassionate Staff

When you walk in to Chapel Hill you will be greeted with a smile. Our staff consists of extremely friendly and compassionate Techs, Nurses, Therapists and Physicians. We are a family here, and we treat our residents the same way.

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Confidence – Based On Success

Our Treatment Facility is Accredited by the Joint Commission

Our treatment facility earned the highest level of accreditation in healthcare while maintaining a comfortable family environment when you need it most.

100’s of Success Stories

We have helped hundreds of men and women achieve long-term sobriety; many who believed that treatment was not going to work for them.

Decades of Combined Experience

Our clinical and therapeutic staff members have decades of combined professional experience, and always come from a place of understanding, compassion, and respect.

An Evidence-Based Approach to Comprehensive Clinical Care

We only utilize the most effective treatment methodologies, constantly staying up-to-date on the most innovative clinical and therapeutic treatment methods.

Alumni Staff Members

Many of our support staff members have been through our treatment program themselves, and are now dedicated to providing the same standard of clinical care that changed their lives.

What Our Client Says...

"There’s nothing like waking up your heart and soul to something you knew existed within you all along. The woman I am sober is the woman I’m intended to be and pray to remain. Takes a million amazing people to defeat a million insecurities! Thanks Chapel Hill!"

Bailey K.

"I absolutely loved my time spent at Chapel Hill– they made what I thought would be the most difficult and painful part of recovery into a time that I am genuinely so grateful for. It sounds cheesy, but for one of the first times in my life I felt loved by the community I was in. As of writing this I’m a bit over two months clean, working my steps, and little by little taking my life back. I owe a big thank you to all the staff a million times over!"

Nicole W

“I got on a train to come back down to Florida because I was broken and desperate. I knew if I waited till the next day for a flight I would’ve never come back. I was full of shame and guilt. These guys never gave up on me and now I’ve never been sober for this long. Incredibly grateful.”

Austin W

My life too say the least is beyond anything I could have ever hoped for. The road to recovery wasn’t the easiest but it’s more than worth it, my sobriety has taught me patience, kindness and most of all self-love which was something that I missed out on when I was entangled in what I thought was comfort but instead it was my addiction. Today I am free from the chains of my addiction that use too drag me too the bottom of a bottle and drown me with thoughts of hopelessness and self pity. Today I am able too wake up grateful for this beautiful journey that I’m currently on and I’m able too be of service to those in the grips of their addiction.

Christopher N



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