Heroin Detox Program

Heroin Detox

west palm beach heroin detox programHeroin abuse in America is on the rise, and according to Center for Diseases Control, 467,000 Americans abuse heroin regularly. Deaths related to heroin overdose rose by over 20 percent in the United States in recent years, and 15,446 individuals lost their lives to heroin in 2016. Considering these statistics, heroin is one of the most potent and deadly illicit substances available, and the dependence rates are extremely troublesome. Out of every four individuals that try this dangerous substance, one will become addicted. Chapel Hill Detox Center is dedicated to helping those already in the grip of heroin addiction, and to actively engaging in any and all preventative measures.

How can we help you?

Heroin abuse brings you closer to death on a daily basis – heroin is an extremely potent drug, and because of its strength, dependency rates remain exceptionally high. While the health and social challenges related to heroin are vast, quitting completely and going on to lead a normal life is possible. However, because this drug is so addictive, long-term recovery is generally only possible with the assistance of a professional detox facility.

The truth is, no two detox experiences will be the same. However, while heroin is a fast acting drug that absorbs into the bloodstream instantly, it takes at least 5 to 7 days for the body to totally filter out all of the remnants of the drug. For those who have been abusing heroin for years, or who abuse heroin in great amounts, the detox process will take at least 10 days. The symptoms attached to heroin withdrawals can be immensely uncomfortable, and lead many newly sober individuals straight back to use. In order to undergo heroin detox successfully, you will need the assistance of a quality detox center – and that’s why we are here for you.

Our team of medical professionals

Going through the detox process all by yourself – without the supervision of a medical professional – can be very dangerous. Attempting to detox at home may also greatly hinder – or completely destroy – the beginning stages of your recovery process.

Our team medical professionals, physicians, and clinicians ensures that you will be monitored closely, in order to help facilitate your personal journey of recovery.

In the process of treating the disease of addiction, we understand that the heroin withdrawal and detox stages are the most difficult. At Chapel Hill, we understand the issues that heroin detox may present. Our doctors work carefully to assist the withdrawal symptoms and the detox process, working to make things as comfortable as possible, while simultaneously ensuring that our clients and staff members are safe.

When an avid drug abuser finally gives up heroin, physical and psychological symptoms will begin to occur. The physical and mental effects depend on the stage of addiction, as well as any potential co-occurring disorders. Not only is our staff well-versed in substance abuse, but many of our staff members have extensive backgrounds in psychology and mental health. We take everything into consideration, and provide the most comprehensive care available.

Luxury and serene healing environment

Our high-tech facility is truly second to none; we strive to provide our clients with an environment that is clean, serene, luxurious, and extremely conducive to healing the body, mind, and soul. We understand the importance of environment, and we believe that living in ideal conditions can contribute to the overall healing process. Our well-trained housekeepers always ensure your comfort in our beautifully furnished rooms. Our line of great chefs remains on standby, always willing and able to provide you with a wholesome and nourishing diet that will ultimately aid in your recovery process.

You don’t have to wait another day. For more information on our comprehensive program for Alcohol Detox, contact the addiction treatment professionals at Chapel Hill Detox today.