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22.2 million Americans used marijuana during one month in 2015, according to a US survey on Drug Use and Health. Marijuana is one of the most commonly abused drugs, seeing as it is so prevalent and readily available. Many states have legalized marijuana, making it even easier to get ahold of. While more men than women abuse marijuana, this specific drug appeals to men and women of all ages and demographics. Just like alcohol, this substance is socially accepted and has become a major part of American culture. While use is normalized and condoned in many areas throughout the US, it can still be addictive and has been known to cause serious issues in the lives of those who are dependent upon it.

Marijuana use is especially widespread among adolescents and young adults. According to a survey conducted in 2016, 9.4 percent of 8th graders admitted to using marijuana during a single month in 2015, and 14 percent of 8th graders admitted to using marijuana during a single month in 2016. 12th-grade students boasted the highest usage, with 35.6 percent using marijuana during a single month in 2015 and 22.5 percent using marijuana during a single month in 2015. Roughly 6 percent of interviewed students reported to using marijuana daily. As obtaining marijuana becomes progressively easier, these numbers only continue to increase.

Marijuana Abuse and Risk Involved

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) notes that the most commonly used illicit drug in American is marijuana. Most marijuana users will smoke the substance, though it can be consumed orally (in the form of ‘edibles’). The active ingredient in marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and different strains of the substance will contain different amounts of THC. The higher the THC levels, the more potent the marijuana will be.

When you smoke or ingest marijuana, it enters your bloodstream almost instantaneously. The THC then finds its way into your brain through your bloodstream, where it targets brain cells known as ‘cannabinoid receptors’. These receptors are extremely important when it comes to memory, thinking, coordination, and perception.

Marijuana use can affect the body in a variety of ways. The symptoms will vary from person-to-person based on their genetic engineering, the strength of the strain of marijuana, and previous consumption experience. While some symptoms have a short lifespan, other symptoms may affect the user long-term. Most individuals who are dependent on marijuana will report decreased motivation, strain on interpersonal relationships, and decreased performance at work or at school. While these symptoms may seem minor, they can greatly impact overall quality of life.

Additional symptoms of marijuana abuse may include:

  • Increased appetite
  • Reduction in coordination
  • Reduction of energy
  • Insomnia or increased sleepiness and fatigue
  • Depression

Long-term marijuana use has been known to lead to more life-threatening complications, such as:

  • Heart problems
  • Issues with the lungs (chronic coughing, for example)
  • Weakened immune system
  • Paranoia
  • Suicidal ideation

Withdrawal Symptoms

Despite widespread belief of the contrary, marijuana can lead to addiction, just like any other mood and mind-altering substance. Within the last 20 years ago, marijuana potency has increased significantly. The higher the THC level, the higher the chances of eventual dependence. And because marijuana dependence can be physical or psychological, the withdrawal process is typically far from easy. Your body will continue to crave marijuana, and unless you seek professional treatment, these cravings may overcome your desire to remain sober. For this reason, detox and ongoing treatment are always recommended. Though the physical withdrawal symptoms associated with marijuana abuse are not life-threatening, medical detox is necessary. And Chapel Hill Detox is available to help.

Our Team of Medical Specialists

We at Chapel Hill Detox are available to assist you in any way possible; our team of experienced medical professionals is dedicated to helping you begin on your personal journey of recovery. We understand that quitting marijuana may be a difficult process, and because of this, our team of dedicated doctors are on standby 24/7 to help assist you with any and all of your needs. Our serene facility lends itself to effective healing, and we truly believe that in order to get and remain well, one must be treated with compassion and respect. Chapel Hill Detox is founded on effective and quality care – care that will pave the way for a life of fulfilled and meaningful recovery.

You don’t have to wait another day. For more information on our comprehensive program for Marijuana Detox, contact the addiction treatment professionals at Chapel Hill Detox today.