Chapel Hill provides luxurious amenities and services to make your detox stay one you’ll remember.

Here’s Just Some of the Services We Offer

We at Chapel Hill Detox are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality and most comprehensive services available. Our team of medical professionals is both experienced and highly certified, and each and every one of our staff members is dedicated to providing top-quality and compassionate care. Our luxurious amenities are truly second-to-none – our state-of-the-art facility comes fully equipped with everything one might need to enjoy a comfortable and productive stay. From feather-topped beds to massage services, we believe that luxury lends itself to effective recovery.

Give us a Week, We’ll Give You Back Your Life

Although we are a medical detox facility, our involvement does not end there. We provide numerous services ranging from intervention to aftercare. We understand that recovery is a long-term commitment, and quality care is necessary throughout the process. If a loved one is struggling with active addiction, we will help you to plan and follow through with a professional intervention, conducted by one of our experienced interventionists. We complete intervention in person or over the phone, depending on your location and your personal preference. While in-person interventions tend to be more effective, we have experienced great success in conducting interventions over the phone as well. Once your loved one has agreed to attend our detox program, he or she will be carefully evaluated by our team of compassionate professionals. We will take a look at personal history, co-occurring disorders, and history of substance abuse and dependency. We will develop a personalized and comprehensive program of care based on our findings. Once your loved one has completed the detoxification process, we will recommend an inpatient facility. After inpatient rehabilitation has been completed, we will begin developing a program of aftercare. We at Chapel Hill are with our clients every step of the way.

One of the things that truly sets us apart from other detox clinics is our dedication to aftercare. We know that detox is only the very first step on the road to recovery, and that follow-up treatment and aftercare will be required. Many detox facilities will end involvement with their clients soon after they have completed the program. They may refer them to an inpatient treatment center, but the relationship will typically end there. We at Chapel Hill, on the other hand, are extremely dedicated to the long-term well-being of each and every one of our clients. We check in with our clients regularly, even long after they have completed our medical detox program. Once one of our clients has completed the inpatient treatment program that we have personally referred them to, our team of compassionate professionals will work together to develop a comprehensive program of aftercare. We understand that addiction is far from a one-size-fits-all disease, and that everyone will require different ongoing treatment measures based on their individual needs and preferences.

At Chapel Hill Detox, we take great pride in the number of services we offer, as well as the quality of each and every service we provide.
We strongly believe that comfort and security lend themselves to more fulfilling and rewarding recovery experiences, and our state-of-the-art facility certainly confirms that. While the detoxification process is often challenging, it can be both pleasant and productive. Not only is our detox located in a brand new building, but every room is pristinely decorated. Our common areas come equipped with everything one might need for both comfort and entertainment, ranging from flat screen televisions to games and books and an outdoor fire pit. Every bedroom comes equipped with a flat screen television as well, and we strive to make each of our clients feel as comfortable is they would in their own home. We believe that when an individual feels safe and comfortable, he or she will respond more positively to treatment measures. We have had great success in helping those struggling with addiction find a new way of life, and we look forward to providing you or your loved one with the tools necessary to living a fulfilled, substance-free life.

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