Detox is only the first step on a journey to recovery. We’ll help plan your path to a life without addiction.

Well-Planned Aftercare is the Key to Lasting Recovery

Addiction is a complex and challenging disease – one that has the ability to tear families apart, and completely ruin the lives of afflicted individuals. Fortunately, there have been many medical advancements in the past several years, and these combined with holistic therapy and psychotherapy can be effective in eliminating the symptoms of active addiction. Despite the widespread availability of treatment, the majority of individuals struggling with addiction fail to seek adequate help. In fact, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA), only about 11 percent of men and women who need treatment for alcoholism and drug abuse will actually receive medical care. We at Chapel Hill Detox believe that adequate treatment should be available to all who require it, and we have dedicated our lives to providing effective, quality treatment at a reasonable price. We understand that the first step of every long-term treatment journey is medical detox. Of course, the journey does not end once detox has been completed. Recovery is a lifelong journey – one that can be both beautiful and fulfilling.

Give us a Week, We’ll Give You Back Your Life

Our detoxification program paves the way for continued recovery by introducing our clients to a new and improved way of life. Our luxurious amenities provide our clients with a necessary sense of comfort, and our highly certified team of medical professionals will work hard to alleviate all symptoms of withdrawal. Clients will be introduced to the remainder of the treatment process, and will be encouraged to enter an extended-stay, residential facility upon their departure. We at Chapel Hill Detox work closely alongside numerous top-of-the-line treatment facilities, and we will recommend one of these facilities to each of our clients based on their personal needs. Once detox and inpatient treatment has been completed, aftercare is a necessary last step. Individuals who engage in a comprehensive program of aftercare are significantly more likely to stay sober long-term. Recovery is a lifelong commitment, and we at Chapel Hill are dedicated to helping you achieve all of your recovery-related goals.

Depending on what substances an individual was abusing and how long he or she was abusing them, medical detox will be a necessary first step. Many detox programs do not concern themselves with where their clients go after medical detox has been completed – they may refer them to an inpatient rehabilitation center, but the involvement typically ends there. This is what sets Chapel Hill Detox apart from the rest. Not only do we provide each of our clients with a personalized treatment recommendation, but we make ourselves available during the entire aftercare process. Once inpatient treatment has come to an end, aftercare planning becomes exceptionally important. What exactly is aftercare? The term is used to describe any program of follow-up care, ranging from 12-step program involvement to continued therapy and occupational instruction. In most cases, the goals of aftercare programs are the same. They are designed to maintain recovery from drug and alcohol abuse by preventing relapse, integrate individuals back into society, and allow individuals to begin leading purposeful lives. Most aftercare programs also focus on helping individuals develop meaningful relationships and succeed in ways they may have never deemed possible (such as academically or in their careers).

It is important to note that once an individual has grappled with addiction, he or she is liable to fall back into destructive patterns if long-term aftercare is not maintained. We at Chapel Hill understand the importance of comprehensive aftercare, and our team of medical professionals makes themselves available every step of the way. For this reason (amongst many others), our detoxification program is like no other. We take pride in our extensive involvement and our genuine concern for each and every one of our clients.

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