Comfortably Overcome Addiction in a Better Environment for Healing

Chapel Hill provides luxury Amenities to help you restore your health safely and comfortably

We at Chapel Hill Detox are all about providing our clients with the most luxurious experience possible. We believe that effective, long-term recovery begins with a thorough introduction to a new and improved way of life. Not only is our staff of professionals both highly experienced and deeply compassionate, but our accommodations and amenities make for a treatment experience unlike any other. All of our common areas are decorated with comfortable couches and flat screen televisions, and we have a beautiful outdoor living room in which our clients can relax and socialize. Every bedroom comes equipped with a feather-topped bed. We are happy to tailor living accommodations based on the needs and personal preferences of each individual client. Your comfort is our top priority.

Give us a Week, We’ll Give You Back Your Life

Our commitment to comfort goes beyond our interior design – we offer several luxury services designed to enhance the overall detox experience. We have an on-site chiropractor and massage therapist; we offer these services to our clients to enhance relaxation and physical comfort. We at Chapel Hill Detox believe in the benefits of holistic treatment methods, and we employ numerous non-invasive therapeutic techniques in hopes of lessening the symptoms of withdrawal. In addition to massage and chiropractic services, we provide our clients with yoga classes, guided meditation, and a host of other effective methodologies. Our staff of licensed therapists and counselors conducts daily group therapy sessions, where pertinent, recovery-related topics are covered in depth. Each individual client will also be paired up with his or her own therapist, and one-on-one sessions will be conducted on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Clients will receive a comprehensive introduction to addiction treatment, and they will learn more about the root causes of addiction and the risks involved in drug and alcohol abuse.

We believe in community, and do what we can to provide a strong sense of camaraderie and kinship. Active addiction almost always strips individuals of meaningful relationships, and we understand the importance of beginning to foster healthy and mutually beneficial friendships. Our community rooms are spacious and relaxing, and we encourage our clients to participate in community-building activities (such as game night and movie night). We boast extensive experience organizing activities that are both therapeutically beneficial and fun. Beginning on the road to recovery can be difficult, however, we do everything in our power to make it as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

Our staff members are all extremely qualified, and our medical director is triple certified. Our team of professionals has dedicated their lives to helping those struggling with addiction, and our passion for what we do shows up in our clinical program – as well as our incredible amenities. The program we have developed is truly unlike any other, and we are looking forward to sharing everything we have to offer with you or your loved one.

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