Detox From Cocaine in Florida

Cocaine is a very serious drug that can cause an addiction disorder to form with just one time of usage. When cocaine addiction occurs, the safest way to counteract that is by detoxing. In Florida, Chapel Hill Medical Detox is a great option to consider when looking to detox from cocaine.

What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a stimulant that is derived from coca plant leaves. A large amount of the coca plants that are used to produce cocaine grow in an area of the Andes Mountains. Coca leaves are only harvested around four times each year. The leaves are then sent to illegal labs where they are ground into a substance that allows other chemicals to be added to it.

Different Forms of Cocaine and How it’s Consumed

In most cases, the purest form of cocaine is turned into a white powder once the leaves are broken down. This form of cocaine is normally ingested through the nose or mouth by snorting it or rubbing it on the insides of the gums.

When mixed with other substances, it becomes known as “crack.” This form is cheaper in price because dealers “cut” pure cocaine with other powdery substances. They will use flour, sugar, baking soda, etc. to allow their stash to go further. This form of cocaine is normally smoked or can be melted down and injected.

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Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction can occur for different reasons depending on the person using the substance. Some individuals may become addicted after the first time using cocaine. It may take others many uses to develop a cocaine addiction. 

Signs of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction is not something to ignore or take lightly. When an addiction to cocaine occurs, there are serious consequences that can arise. If gone untreated, it can cause an individual’s health to decline, strain their relationships and hinder their financial situations. By recognizing the signs, you could save your own life or the life of someone you love. Some telltale signs of cocaine addiction include:

  • Being secretive about personal situations or where someone is going
  • Often having dilated pupils and high energy
  • Mood swings that cause an individual to be extremely aggressive
  • Financial issues that include constantly borrowing money
  • Stealing or selling items that aren’t theirs
  • Taking risks that they normally wouldn’t before
  • Becoming distant from friends and family
  • An obsession with the drug and when their next use will be

Risk Factors of Using Cocaine

When a cocaine addiction develops, users are put at risk both mentally and physically. Cocaine can cause individuals to make decisions that they normally wouldn’t. This includes driving under the influence, unsafe sex, or sharing contaminated needles. These actions can lead to an array of negative outcomes. 

Women excessively using cocaine can be taken advantage of and have unplanned pregnancies. From these can come babies who have birth defects and are addicted to cocaine themselves. It’s also common for certain diseases to spread through using other’s syringes and pipes. Individuals can even be harmed if they get into an accident from driving while intoxicated.

The biggest risk when using cocaine is the potential for an overdose. An overdose is when an individual ingests too much of a substance or the substance has been laced. This can cause seizures, coma, and even death. 

Cocaine Detox in Florida

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Individuals normally will not be able to rid their bodies of the cocaine by themselves. Because the withdrawal symptoms are extremely painful and dangerous, it’s never recommended to detox on your own. Medical cocaine detox is the most effective way to safely remove the cocaine from the system.

What is Cocaine Detox, and How is It Monitored?

Cocaine detox is the process of lessening the amount of cocaine until the body can function without it. It will be the first step to overcoming an addiction to the substance. During the process, our medical professionals at Chapel Hill will monitor vital signs. This will ensure that if complications arise, they can be taken care of immediately.

What is Cocaine Withdrawal?

Withdrawal describes the time period and symptoms that relate to the state of shock an individual’s body goes into. This is because it is so used to having cocaine present in order to function. This period of time is often called the most difficult of the recovery process. This is because cocaine withdrawal can be very painful and take weeks to overcome.

Symptoms of Cocaine Withdrawal

Cocaine withdrawal symptoms can include but are not limited to:

  • Developing a mental disorder like depression or anxiety
  • Increase in appetite
  • Cravings for the substance 
  • Excessive mood swings that occur out of nowhere
  • Aggressive tendencies and irritability
  • Development of disruption in sleep patterns
  • Extreme fatigue

How Long Does it Take to Detox from Cocaine?

Cocaine detox normally lasts around two to four weeks depending on the severity of the addiction at hand. Each individual will go through their own rotation of withdrawal symptoms and challenges during the process. Our staff at Chapel Hill Medical Detox is equipped to handle whatever level of withdrawal symptoms a patient experiences. We do our best to make them as comfortable as possible during the process as well.

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What Treatments are Available After Detox?

There is an array of treatments available when cocaine detox in Florida is completed. Our professional team at Chapel Hill will assess your needs after completing detox to determine what program will be right for you.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient (or residential) treatment is recommended to those who are facing the most severe cases of addiction. This type of treatment requires the patient to stay within a facility to receive their care and therapies. Depending on their situation, they can stay for a short period or an extended period of time. In residential treatment, doctors and staff tend to patients’ needs 24/7. 

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment allows patients to keep a somewhat normal schedule while getting the help they need. This lets the patient continue working or going to school while attending groups and therapies. Intensive outpatient treatment allows patients to also stay on campus at a facility. They are normally given a little more freedom than those in residential treatment.

Available Therapies

Many different types of therapies are available that will be beneficial in recovery. Some of these therapies include:


Individual therapy is one-on-one therapy with a patient and a counselor. The counselor is able to get to the root of the addiction by talking on a regular basis with the patient. In this type of therapy, different techniques can be used to change the way a person thinks about addiction.


Group therapies allow patients to gather together to discuss similar experiences they’ve had during recovery. This encourages them to bond with one another and gives them a support system to lean on. This shows each patient they are not alone in their recovery.


Family therapy repairs the bond and relationships between the patient and their loved ones. By giving each party a chance to express how the addiction affected them, they can grow together in the experience. Once a patient graduates from rehab, they will have people to go home to.


Holistic therapies show patients how to reconnect spiritually to the world around them. By giving them an outlet to focus on, this redirects their attention off of their cocaine addiction. It also allows them to identify their needs and values in life.


Recreational therapies include anything active. This can be anything from yoga to kayaking to rock climbing. Patients will experience things and create hobbies and interests to take with them after they leave treatment.

Why Choose Chapel Hill to Detox from Cocaine?

Chapel Hill Medical Detox is a great option to consider when looking to detox from cocaine in Florida. We are located in West Palm Beach along the East Coast. We offer a highly trained staff, catering, and a private setting within our facilities. This allows our facility to be easily accessible and puts us above the rest in the area.

Once admitted into our facility, we evaluate your specific needs. Our staff will do everything in their power to allow you a quick and easy detox process. 

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Cocaine detox can be a scary reality to face. Our staff at Chapel Hill is here to ease the stress and anxiety that comes along with treatment. Whether your addiction is on the mild or severe side of the spectrum, we want to help. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us today if you feel your or a loved one is needing cocaine detox in Florida. We will evaluate your situation and work quickly to develop a plan of action for recovery.

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