100's of Success Stories

100's of Success Stories

Bailey K

“There’s nothing like waking up your heart and soul to something you knew existed within you all along. The woman I am sober is the woman I’m intended to be and pray to remain. Takes a million amazing people to defeat a million insecurities! Thanks Chapel Hill!”

Nicole W

“I absolutely loved my time spent at Chapel Hill– they made what I thought would be the most difficult and painful part of recovery into a time that I am genuinely so grateful for. It sounds cheesy, but for one of the first times in my life I felt loved by the community I was in. As of writing this I’m a bit over two months clean, working my steps, and little by little taking my life back. I owe a big thank you to all the staff a million times over!”

Austin W

“I got on a train to come back down to Florida because I was broken and desperate. I knew if I waited till the next day for a flight I would’ve never come back. I was full of shame and guilt. These guys never gave up on me and now I’ve never been sober for this long. Incredibly grateful.”

Christopher N

“My life too say the least is beyond anything I could have ever hoped for. The road to recovery wasn’t the easiest but it’s more than worth it, my sobriety has taught me patience, kindness and most of all self-love which was something that I missed out on when I was entangled in what I thought was comfort but instead it was my addiction. Today I am free from the chains of my addiction that use too drag me too the bottom of a bottle and drown me with thoughts of hopelessness and self pity. Today I am able too wake up grateful for this beautiful journey that I’m currently on and I’m able too be of service to those in the grips of their addiction.”